Monday , January 27 2020

Yuki Kashiwagi -02nd- Birthday wedding [Single]

Tracklist Details

  1. Birthday Wedding
  2. Demo ne Zutto (でもねずっと)
    • (Type A Exclusive track) Anata to Watashi (あなたと私)
    • (Type B Exclusive track) Kuchi Utsushi no Chocolate (口移しのチョコレート)
    • (Type C Exclusive track) Ashita mo Waraou (明日も笑おう)
  3. Birthday Wedding (Instrumental)
  4. Demo ne Zutto (Instrumental)
    • (Type A Exclusive track) Anata to Watashi (Instrumental)
    • (Type B Exclusive track) Kuchi Utushi no Chocolate (Instrumental)
    • (Type C Exclusive track) Ashita mo Waraou (Instrumental)
Download - Yuki Kashiwagi -02nd- Birthday wedding [Single]
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