Monday , January 20 2020

Sayonara, Enari-kun (Watanabe Mayu) (RAW)

Synopsis Sayonara, Enari-kun (Watanabe Mayu) :

Sayonara, Enari-kun (Watanabe Mayu) – Dreaming of pure love, Kiriyama Saori meets an ikemen company president, Shimotsuke Kura, at a match-making party.
She agrees to a platonic relationship with him. But Kura limits their dates to 2 hours each time. He tries to touch her by giving various reasons, and Saori’s friend Mura-chan becomes suspicious of Kura’s lady-killer ways. Before long, Saori realizes Kura’s true nature..!? Sayonara, Enari-kun (Watanabe Mayu) (Subtitle Indonesia)

Sayonara, Enari-kun (Watanabe Mayu) Info :

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