Monday , January 27 2020

No Sleeves / no3b -01st Album- No Sleeves

Tracklist Details

  1. (SNG) Relax!
  2. (SNG) Kisu no Ryuusei (キスの流星)
  3. (SP. *) 3seconds (Remix) / Persona (ペルソナ)
  4. (SP.) Heart Gata Virus [no3b ver.] (ハート型ウイルス)
  5. (SP.) Bye Bye Bye
    • (Limited A Exclusive track) (NEW) Cloudy sky / Kojima Haruna
    • (Limited B Exclusive track) (NEW) Kiseki wa Yoru Umareru (奇跡は夜生まれる) / Takahashi Minami
    • (Limited C Exclusive track) (NEW) Watashi wa Watashi (私は私) / Minegishi Minami
  6. (SP.) Junai no Crescendo (純愛のクレッシェンド)
  7. (SP.) Christmas Present (Remix) (クリスマスプレゼント) / Persona (ペルソナ)
  8. (SNG) Lie
  9. (SNG) Tane (タネ)
    • (Limited A Exclusive track) (NEW) Uso desho? ~Nanaboshi GA hama no Nanafushigi~ (嘘でしょ?~七里ガ浜の七不思議~) / GIRLS·ING (ガールズ・ING)
    • (Limited B Exclusive track) (NEW) NEXT HEAVEN / EYES
    • (Limited C Exclusive track) (NEW) Shaku ga Hoshii (尺が欲しい) / Renai unjoushou-Dan (恋愛運上昇団)
(SNG = SINGLE, A-side song | SP = Special Edition of a previously-released song | NEW = New Song | * = 3seconds Remix was previously included as a c/w of no3b’s 4th Single, Lie.)
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