Monday , January 27 2020

NMB48 -13th- Must be now [Single]

Must be now Details

  1. Must be now / Senbatsu
  2. Kataomoi Yori mo Omoide wo… (片想いよりも思い出を…)
    • (Type-A) Yume ni Iro ga Nai Riyuu (夢に色がない理由) / Team N
    • (Type-B) Good-bye, Guitar / Team M
    • (Type-C) Kufuku de Renai wo Suru na (空腹で恋愛をするな) / Team BII
  3. Must be now (off-vocal)
  4. Kataomoi Yori mo Omoide wo… (off-vocal)
    • (Type-A) Yume ni Iro ga Nai Riyuu (off-vocal)
    • (Type-B) Good-bye, Guitar (off-vocal)
    • (Type-C) Kufuku de Renai wo Suru na (off-vocal)
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